Dahlia Flower

Sonya Sarayu Lyn

Artist of Sacred Practices
Spiritual Life Guide

Founder of Labyrinth Connection NZ Creator of Bathology NZ
Founder & Facilitator of
Breath of Spirit Life Balance Programs

Welcome...to a place of openness.  A gathering space to enrich and deepen your human connection to spirit. 

I am Sonya 'Sarayu' Lyn, an Artist of Sacred Practices, a Spiritual Life Guide and a passionate multipreneur.


It is often said that we are spiritual beings on a human path and this is so...it is my intention to guide you to live that Human path fully, with all the emotions, with all the feels.  

Through the ancient pathways of the enigmatic labyrinth, facilitated walks & workshops, quiet days of retreat, inspiring courses of creativity, presentations & mini-trainings, it is my passion, my mission, to guide you towards a spiritual, authentic, intentional life.

A life in which you feel nourished by your choices, your surroundings.

Within the labyrinth, you may discover profound moments to literally unearth your true self and your path through this life. Sometimes we must just be still enough inside to listen to the Breath of Spirit. 

Journey with me to draw upon a Divine presence that resonates within, to come through the darkest times.

 I offer an open-hearted approach, inspiring you to live, with purpose and to go to sleep every night feeling gratitude towards this blessing called life.

Discover yourSELF within

the labyrinth. 

Walk the pathways towards the center...the center of YOU, the Divine,

your Intention.

Labyrinth education and the project that connects the Labyrinths in New Zealand.

The myriad blessings and wisdom of the labyrinth unfold for you, each time you walk.

Walk with me.

Beautifully created boxes full of all the natural wellness you need to create a sacred bathing experience.

From ancient times, bathing has been ritual; more than simply cleansing. Discover the self-care principle of imbuing the body and the spirit with plant-based goodness.


An intentional and holistic ceremony in your own home.  

We have but one life to live...are you living each day with intention?  Are you True to YourSELF?


  A collection of courses & offerings to bring balance into your life, body, mind and spirit.


Discover the many ways to live your most Authentic life.  Find your own way of the Sacred. When you do, your Light will shine forth into everyone in your path.


I look forward to connecting with you.

A creative collaboration with my daughters; we offer handmade home & body decor.  

Creativity workshops, yoga, meditation & unique services for the bohemian, free-spirits.

Visit our pages for these offerings.

Join me as I collect the stories, land and offerings of labyrinths through

Labyrinth Connection NZ

and develop the Breath of Spirit Project - a documentary of labyrinths.