You close yourself into your sanctuary, open the box and the scent and beauty that is a Bathology Ritual Kit is there before you.

As you run the water, you begin to set an intention ~ for self-care, self-love, inner quiet...

Perhaps you choose to listen to a pre-immersion meditation to bring you more deeply into this ceremony.

You run the water, set the scene, light the candle and incense...

The guidance is all included for you on how to create an immersive and nurturing experience reminiscent of the days of old when bathhouses were shrouded by temples.

Sacred Bathing is noted across many cultures and time periods and Bathology brings it into the present day, in a time when we need ceremony, ritual and intention more than ever.

Our bodies are made up of 60% water.  Our skin drinks in the use of botanicals as much now as it did when used across many thousands of years to relieve aches and pains, to fight illness, boost circulation, or relax your mind and body.

This sacred bathing experience provides therapy for the body, the mind and the soul all in one.  As an Artist of Sacred Practices, this may have been one of my first, when I began bathing with flowers during my late high school years over 30 years ago.

Choose your kit today and discover this ancient ritual within the privacy of your own home.


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