Dahlia Flower

"Creativity is nothing but a mind set free."

~Torrie T. Asai

"I could not imagine not creating.  I personally love working with crystals and gemstones; wrapping them into beautiful hangings for body or home.  I play with herbals, creating lotions & potions for self-care (see my Bathology product line), I lose myself in the garden as I tend the soil, making room for new growth (big metaphors for life in there!), I paint various labyrinths and love to take a tired piece of furniture and create something new and unique.  All of these hobbies are meditations for me; in them, I have found ways to discover parts of myself."

Dream Collage.jpg

Dream Collage

This workshop is a favorite.  Beginning with a meditation and intention setting to provide some guidance for the process, I then encourage you to cut, design, and paste until you have a visual representation of a goal, dream, or desire.  I have done these for years and all of them have manifested into a reality.

This workshop may be held in a community space, my home studio, or book one for your friends or colleagues.

All materials provided.

Watch for dates in the North Shore, NZ area or book this for your own group.

Discovery Journaling