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This is our collaboration of a mom & daughters, from our home studio in Canada where we offered onsite workshops as well as in various locations & markets to here in New Zealand where we manifested our dream of living here into reality.

A collection of our passionswisdom for personal development, creativity & release of self-judgement.

Our Market Stall is filled with our artistic creations & those of some local artisans that collaborate with us.  Many often comment on the 'energy' of our space, as we fill it with love, incense, light, and calm.   Aside from sharing our handmade creations, we long to inspire you to browse our folder of offerings to bring to your own space or community. 

Pick up a gently used conscious-minded book from our Book Nook, nestle in for a card reading, some Henna, Tribal Face-Paint or Valkyrie Braids.  You may find these offerings in our Home Studio in Browns Bay as well.

Find some of our products in our online shop at https://felt.co.nz/shop/forestofboho

Design Team

Who are we...?


Sonya Lyn

Sonya brings 'all the things' that she is deeply passionate about into one space to  support & inspire others. 

"As a nature & tree mystic, I am called to the natural breath of the earth.  I create home & body decor with natural material like crystals, shells, stones, driftwood & plants, I love to hide away with tea & dark chocolate while creating unique pieces.

As a meditation junkie, I love making custom designed malas, to enhance the practice.  Working with my girls and sharing our passions makes life pretty sweet."

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Laryssa Mahri

Laryssa is a designer of many things, with a deep passion for fair trade, sustainability, & the importance of brother/sisterhood.

She writes. She dances. She creates.

A Registered Yoga teacher, an artist, a combat student & film 'extra', a horsewoman, an herbalist in study...& an old soul with connections to ancient traditions to inspire wonder in others.

"I am the creator of Menyalii.  The Menyalii necklaces are made of earth materials; wood, gemstone & reclaimed bone beads, to remember the life that has come before us with admiration & love.

Each features an agate 'heart' of its own unique design & natural shade. These pieces symbolize beauty & new life after death, while the Agate is said to protect, & represents a returning to the Earth. ​

I am entranced by fire & the stars, obsessed with the smell of old books. I'm fascinated by rocks & other ancient things. I'm in love with drum circles & the Ocean.

I prefer being barefoot, especially when walking through the forest."



Luna Sara

Luna Sara is an advocate for authenticity, with a passion for guiding young adults into finding their voice, discovering their personal power, & creating themselves truly as they are without the bonds of society.

A Registered Yoga Teacher who finds comfort in playing her guitar & handpan, & offers a quiet wisdom beyond her years.

"I am in love with my cat companion Bodhi.  I'm passionate about roller-skating & enjoy sunset sessions on my wheels.  I love to gather with others & hold circles for fellow humans to introduce some new perspectives & tools on confidence, authenticity & how to embody our uniqueness in our everyday lives."

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