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Intentional Living is moving through day-to-day life, knowing that you are aligned with your purpose, that you are honouring your passions and living authentically.

It means that you lay down your head to rest each night knowing that you have made choices that are your own, that you are living in truth and wholeness. It is creating a balance between body, mind and spirit, with practices that nurture and nourish all of you. 


For when you are living with intent, everything you do flows out into those around you with positive vibrations, with loving kindness and with purpose.

Work with me and find your way.  Find the right path for you from the options below.


'Our intention becomes

our reality.'

~Wayne Dyer

After many, many years of following the path of society, the path that was expected, I was finally able to break free.  It took work, it took a devotion to a Higher Source and it took practice.  I sought out opportunities to gather with others on a similar path.  I immersed myself in teachings and trainings to uncover the courage and the individuality that I knew was suppressed somewhere inside.


No longer wanting to move through life checking off the boxes of experience, working to live, being imposed upon by stress over situations in which I had no control and especially living to please others, I am now living free. 

Living with intention, knowing my life is my own.


I have retreated into silence for days at a time, I have journaled my way through heart-ache and grief.     

I have wandered countless pathways of labyrinths, prayed in churches, prayed in the woods, prayed everywhere I could pray.  I have explored dreams, the Enneagram, meditation, the mystics, yoga philosophies, ancient wisdom. 


I am blessed with a partner that supports my journey and three children that understand it better than I might, as they have lived since birth with the authenticity that took me years to discover.

As a Spiritual Life Guide, I bring this creativity, this connection to ancient wisdom

in simple and fun programs...to you. 

What Breath of Spirit Life Program resonates with YOU?

Breath of Spirit Life  Programs


'The first step of getting the life you want is getting rid of everything you don't.' ~Joshua Becker


Balancing Rocks

This program is a journey into balance, inner peace, self-discovery and freedom from clutter, it can be done in 4 weeks if you are really wanting to get fast and intentional results or you can do it as you are able to begin to implement these changes in your life and home.

In these current times, now more than ever, we are called to live a simple and healthy life.  I feel the best way to do this is from the inside out. 


When we do the inner work of purging through emotions and unresolved issues while at the same time purging through the material spaces in our home, we discover a profound sense of lightness…this lightness shines inside, opening us up to creating more goodness in our lives.  It gives us the opportunity to create success and happiness, regardless of how that looks for each of us individually.

This journey will take you through each element of the earth in relation to Your personal selves. 

Coming Soon to the Udemy Platform

Avalon 2.png

Inner Avalon

Imagine your Inner Avalon as a Sanctuary of peace, one that you can discover through the wisdom of the ancient labyrinth and sacred practices.  This journey will guide you into the creation of your own inner sanctuary, a place of retreat in everyday life.  Work with me as your bridge to your own Inner Avalon.  More info on the Labyrinths page. 

mindfulness & meditation


Personal, Parent & Child or Corporate Meditation Practices

Mindfulness and meditation has been a life-changer for me.  The simple approaches that I offer can be learned and taken home for personal practice and well-being.  As a Transformational Meditation teacher, I guide others towards finding the right practice for them as an individual.  For some this may be sitting in stillness, others it may be walking, or creating... everyone responds differently.  I also tune into your needs as you progress along to pathway to mindfulness.

I have taught in school classrooms, yoga classes, corporate wellness breaks, retreats, and family & youth church groups.

Cost for this first session varies depending on location and size of group but an average cost is $25 per person.