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"The Labyrinth literally reintroduces the experience of walking a clearly defined path. This reminds us that there is a path, a process that brings us to unity, to the center of our beings. In the simple act of walking,

the soul finds solace and peace."

~Lauren Artress

The journey through life is sacred, this is recognized in various ways through many cultures.  The labyrinth is an ancient spiritual tool, a paradigmatic design that serves as a metaphor for the journey. 


Dating over 5000 years old, the earliest discoveries of labyrinths have been unearthed in pottery shards and carvings in stone. 

A labyrinth is not a maze, which is meant to challenge, to be 'deciphered', with dead ends and wrong turns.

A labyrinth is simply a circular path that leads to the center and offers the return on the same path back out again. 

The labyrinth provides a natural movement through it's pathways, inspiring a similar natural movement through life itself. Everything that the labyrinth represents, and everything one discovers on its path, is often reflected in one's life.

Labyrinths can be found worldwide and in all manner of settings, from forested gardens, to hospitals to churches and parks.  

Individuals use walking labyrinths, finger labyrinths, or downloaded apps in a variety of ways including:



~connection to their source of Wisdom   

~to quiet the mind   

~process a life issue     


~reflection on life's moments     

~celebrations (marriage, baby naming)    

~ritual and rites of passage   


~releasing of grief and negativity

~honouring sacred events

They are always evolving, unfolding, and reappearing, as creative minds gather and unlock new ideas.

The labyrinth is a blessing to anyone who enters in.


To come upon a labyrinth and walk without knowing, can be beautiful...to walk with a facilitator that has put years of dedication into training & learning can be, profoundly incredible.

I offer 2 portable labyrinths; both modified Chartres designs. 

The Serenity Marie - a 9-circuit creation on canvas, dedicated to the memory of my mother in 2008.

And Ornendil ~ which means 'tree friend' in Elvish, a 7-circuit organically inspired design on jute, featuring a full moon held in the centre.


Book a walk for your studio or special celebration within North Island, New Zealand.

As an advocate for the labyrinth, I am creating a documentary (working with Cadby Kong) on the North Island Labyrinths of New Zealand in 2021.

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