Accepting the Next Stage

I was warned about hot flashes and all that goes with menopause...

Just 7 days before landing on the other side of the globe, in New Zealand, I turned 45 years old. How is it that I still feel (in my heart and mind) that I am in my 20's? My grandma always said she would live until she was 102, she just celebrated her 90th and is still an epitome of a healthy senior. When we put something out there, to the Divine Universe, we manifest it within ourselves. So, at 45, an age that I felt was 'so old' when I was in my 20's, I am putting it out there that this is only the halfway mark for me. I have at least this much life left to live.

So, I turn 45, I fly across the world (having never been farther from Canada than Cuba), and I shift from a cold Canadian winter into a balmy and majestic New Zealand summer. Perhaps my body didn't know how to make that transition? All I know, is that now, I have 'hot flashes'. Friends and family that experienced these before me have warned me of their horrific hot flashes.

I have to say, that while they bring a very rapid sense of discomfort, they are not as bad as I was told they would be. Of course, they differ for everyone...but for the first time, I am lying in bed without the pounds of covers on me that I typically needed, I am whisking off the sheets and letting the cool night breeze take the heat off my skin. I have always been a 'cold' person, easily chilled, and not a lover of winter (a good reason to go from Canada to New Zealand), these little warm-ups of instantaneous hormones are not necessarily welcome, but they have given me pause...

Pushed me to reflect on life so far, the chapters written before this one. And I realize... "I'm okay. I got this." I move through the stages of life with welcoming gratitude that I am in fact moving through the stages of life. That means I am still living and what greater blessing can there be, to simply live?

My manifesto for this stage is this:

I am trying to speak up bravely when I need to ~ an on-going challenge.

I am laughing alot, sometimes gently at myself.

I am gathering my community of loved ones about me (even across the globe).

I am trying to speak up bravely when I need to - an on-going challenge.

I will sprinkle my eccentricity ~ a spice for life.

I am living more simply ~ making space for what's important.

I am treating my body to movement, stillness, rest & healthy food.

I am compromising, as little as possible.

I am living in a profoundly creative way, yet creative doesn't always mean 'artistic' but it's the deeper current running through my life.

I am human ~ therefore fear & regret will creep in, but they will not define me.

I will ask for help when I need it.

I will mark the significant moments of life, with ritual, ceremony and create memories to last generations.

I will more my losses fiercely ~ in MY own way.

I am constantly aware of the healing that this planet earth needs and I will offer all I can.

I will do & learn things I have always wanted to do & learn.

I will forget to worry about what others think of me.

I carry an open mind & an open heart.

I believe in ME.

I live with gratitude.

I live a spiritual life that nurtures me ~ not a religious one defined by rules & dogma.

I am love, I am enough, I am part of Creation.