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My First Labyrinth

Dedication of My First Canvas Labyrinth

My mom passed in 2005, 14 years ago today. The greatest shock and loss of my life. I was 33, my children 4 and 6. She was my mentor, my best friend and my mom. When she was diagnosed with cancer, she was angry, scared, uncertain of her faith and lost. I took her to Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre and we walked the labyrinth. In those twisting pathways, we came face to face, we turned away and were brought beside each other, just as in life, the pathways of the labyrinth lead us in many directions. But we always reach the center. That day, when she reached the center, something profound changed for her, even more than it did for me. She found peace. She found acceptance and she changed her entire battle into one of courage, dignity and love.

So, five years later, I finally took the steps to build my own labyrinth. With the devoted help of my beloved (taking care of all the sacred geometry), we stitched together, drew and painted an 18' modified (9 circuit) Chartres design.

In early December of 2010, we invited friends and family and hosted a dedication of the Serenity Marie Labyrinth. It was also on this day that I was presented with my graduating Spiritual Direction Certification from the Jubilee Associates. It was an evening that was filled with pride, love and remembrance, leading me even deeper into this work that I hold so passionately.

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